Ella is a “Righter”. LOL!

CanIHazWant a good laugh? We just got word that Ella, Rick the Con Man’s accomplice, is a righter writer. Here’s an example, from the classic, Diary of a Depressed Mail Order Bride:

My name is Layna.
I am 28 year old bride from little country in Europe.
I come to America for better life and marry 45 year old man I meet on internet.
I leave sick mother and little sister in my country.
But I not have better life in America;
I have depression and not have money.
This is my story.

Sounds charming, doesn’t it?

The best part of this new farce of a business? First, her bio:

Ella Roberts is an author, blogger and television host in Las Vegas. She is originally from South Africa where her ancestry roots are based firmly in the Zulu Tribe.

Let’s see. . .hasn’t been a “television host” for, well, since she and ConManRicky were kicked off the air well over a year ago. Blogger? Not since July 2013 with her riveting posts about mosquitoes and perfection. (BTW Ella, turn off the BOLD! Good God.) Zulu Tribe? I expect the Zulu Tribe is quite proud of Ella’s firmly planted roots.

Next is the tagline, found on their website:

Souring Fiction for Woman by Woman

Freudian slip, table for two. Might be a good idea to not rely exclusively on the spell-checker, Ella. I’d say Ella writes as well as she and Ricky pay their bills. . .that is to say, not at all.

Rick Singer is Back. . .Temporarily

It looks like our favorite con artist has returned (briefly, at least).

Rick Singer/Senninger/Lester/Wright/Whatever has resurface in Las Vegas. He can now occasionally be found talking with local businessman Danny Vegas on an Internet radio show.

At least, Rick was on the show.

After Lotus Broadcasting and Mr. Vegas became aware of Singer’s past, he was removed as co-host from the program. . .and all audio archives featuring Singer were removed.

Senninger/Singer/Wright is Exposed by Mainstream Press

george_knapp_Investigates-001Here in Las Vegas, like in many other larger cities, there are investigative reporters attached to a few of the local television stations.  Among the most respect (or feared, depending on your viewpoint) is George Knapp, Chief Investigate Reporter for 8 News Now, the local CBS station.

George also writes for Las Vegas CityLife, one of several well-read weeklies here in town.  On September 5th, Knapp exposed Rick Singer (Richard Senninger) with an article titles, TV host’s past catches up with him.

From the article:

The full story of Singer/Senninger/Lester/Wright/Vegas’ exploits could fill a book. Suffice to say, he was taken off the air in Florida after numerous stories of financial improprieties arose, including allegations that Rick failed to pay employees and vendors, bounced checks, committed outright larceny. At about the same time, he was arrested under a warrant from Michigan, where he was wanted for failure to pay child support. Some might say the crimes are not that heinous, but if you read comments posted online by people who claim they were victimized by Singer — lives ruined, homes lost, bank accounts fleeced — it paints a very grim picture.

[Full Article can be found here.]

‘Let’s Talk News Now’ Taken Off the Air

Let’s Talk News Now – Cancelled

As we expected, the management at Vegas TV, once hearing about Rick Singer’s past and current behavior, have removed Let’s Talk News Now from their daily programming, effective Monday, September 3rd. We commend Vegas TV for recognizing that one’s reputation is influenced by the people with whom you do business. And that sometimes you have to sacrifice revenue for doing the right thing.

“Rick Singer” Loses Small Claims Lawsuit in Las Vegas

PodWorx, Inc., the parent company of the Vegas Video Network, is the latest company to sue Rick Singer (Richard Senninger) in small claims court. Singer was sued because he did not pay for two week’s worth of episodes the company produced for his Let’s Talk News Now program. Below is a copy of the press release announcing the court win:

Vegas Video Network Parent Company PodWorx, Inc. Wins Lawsuit Against Rick Singer, Host of Vegas TV’s “Let’s Talk News Now”

Defendant Ordered to Pay Maximum Amount Allowed in Small Claims Lawsuit


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – August 3, 2012 — PodWorx, Inc., the parent company of Vegas Video Network, LLC today announced a default judgment in Small Claims court against Rick Singer, host and executive producer of Vegas TV’s Let’s Talk News Now (LTNN). The suit was brought against Mr. Singer for failure pay for LTNN episodes produced by the company from May through April of this year. As outlined by the judgment, Mr. Singer is ordered to pay PodWorx, Inc. the maximum amount allowed in a small claims lawsuit ($7500), plus court costs. (The company no longer produces shows for Mr. Singer.)

Because the process of filing a lawsuit against those who fails to pay money owed can be very intimidating to the people in Las Vegas (and beyond) who have been harmed by this type of behavior, the Tuesday, August 7th LIVE broadcast of Living in Las Vegas will walk the audience through the process of filing a Small Claims lawsuit in Clark County. The show will begin at 6:00pm PDT and can be found at http://VegasVideoNetwork.com/LIVE. Video and audio-on-demand versions of the broadcast will be available on the VegasVideoNetwork.com website soon thereafter.

The VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK® is the first and only online LIVE broadcasting and media network that specializes in a behind-the-scenes look at insider news and expert views about Las Vegas. Most programming is broadcast live from our eleven-camera capable, all HD studios, just steps from the Las Vegas Strip. The VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK is a YouTube Partner, available on iTunes, Livestream, Facebook, Twitter and Roku, and can be heard on AM 1400 KSHP. The network is owned and operated by PodWorx, Inc., an Internet broadcasting company that specializes in podcasts, Web TV, and live streaming video productions.

Here’s a link original press release about the lawsuit against Rick Singer.

RJ Vegas?!? Elite Casino Host

We think we know what Rick/Richard/RJ did after his time in Florida.

Rick decided to change his name once again, this time to the original “RJ Vegas” and turn himself into an “Elite Casino Host”. Not sure if he ripped anybody off during this span of “employment”. But somebody should have warned him that the pencil-thin facial hair is not attractive.

Here’s his Facebook Page.

In the Press: DJ Denied Bail

senninger-papers As reported by the St. Augustine Report, Richard Senninger (aka Rick Wright) was arrested and held without bond in St. Johns County Jail on a Michigan warrant seeking his return on a larceny by conversion charge.  The photo to the right shows Richard looking over legal papers before his first appearance. (Photo by Daron Dean.)

More information can be found on the Black and White website.  The article outlining his predicament is found here.


Richard Senninger’s Court Records from Florida

Whoooeee, ol’ Ricky’s been a busy busy boy. Seems like the good folks of Florida have had their hands full dealing with this scum. This link will take you to a listing of the large number of Court Cases against Senninger. Lots-o-Small-Claims. Oh, and a couple of arrests as well. (Should have paid that child support, Ricky.)

Scamming the Troops

Some scam artists target rich widows. Some target the elderly. Rick Senninger, former executive producer and founder of the Intel Radio Network and “Outside The Wire”, targeted veterans.

He played up the whole patriotism thing, repeating “Thank you for your service” a few times, and then hit up veterans and their organizations. He regularly interviewed people on his show like retired Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, military wives, homeland security supporters, as well as soldiers presently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a veteran myself, I probably gave him the added credibility to go after a segment of our society respected and admired.

Apparently it required getting a traitor onboard as well…

It appears he found his man.

Rick Senninger finally is getting what he deserves. But he wasn’t alone. He and his partner, Captain Trip Bellard, ran up a tab of nearly $50,000 at our facility doing the Troop Talk show. In the end, Trip Ballard just turned his back on us and walked away after personally promising to help us out. This past fall, Bellard acknowledged taking more than $2,000 out of the Hero Radio Network bank account and promised to send it to us. That hasn’t happened. His shirking of his responsibility and misleading us about his intent, shows how bad character can be contagious. Rick and Trip, another fine example of conservative values being jettisoned when one’s personal comfort and wallet are at stake.

Ray Hays
PRC Digital Media
Jacksonville, Florida


In the Press: Host of “Outside the Wire” Arrested

[Care of Black and White Website]

Rick “Wright” Senninger, executive producer and host of the radio program Outside The Wire was arrested and booked at the St. John’s County Jail in Saint Augustine, Florida on a Count 1 Larceny charge Wednesday.

According to a phone conversation with a Florida state attorney fraud investigator, Senninger also has bench warrants issued on him in Michigan for non payment of child support. Additional charges may be pending.

Senninger will be extradited to Michigan.

According to The St. Augustine Record:

A St. Augustine radio personality who has a nationally syndicated show is in the St. Johns County jail awaiting return to Michigan on a larceny charge, according to the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office.

Richard Senninger, 51, who is known on air as Rick Wright, anchors “Outside the Wire” on WFOY 1240 in St. Augustine. He wasn’t on the air Wednesday night and station owner Kristine Phillips said he “most definitely” isn’t going to be back on

Phillips said the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office told her of Wright’s arrest at his Palencia home around 1:45 p.m. and that he wouldn’t be on the air Wednesday.

“I started getting calls from former colleagues who told me about not getting paid and his passing bad checks. So things had sort of come to a head with us,” she said, noting he owned her a “pretty substantial amount.” St. Johns County Sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Kelshaw said Senninger was picked up on a larceny by conversion charge out of Iosco County, Mich.

Wright is being held at the local jail without bond and is expected to appear before a judge this morning.