In the Press: DJ Denied Bail

senninger-papers As reported by the St. Augustine Report, Richard Senninger (aka Rick Wright) was arrested and held without bond in St. Johns County Jail on a Michigan warrant seeking his return on a larceny by conversion charge.  The photo to the right shows Richard looking over legal papers before his first appearance. (Photo by Daron Dean.)

More information can be found on the Black and White website.  The article outlining his predicament is found here.


Richard Senninger’s Court Records from Florida

Whoooeee, ol’ Ricky’s been a busy busy boy. Seems like the good folks of Florida have had their hands full dealing with this scum. This link will take you to a listing of the large number of Court Cases against Senninger. Lots-o-Small-Claims. Oh, and a couple of arrests as well. (Should have paid that child support, Ricky.)