Ella is a “Righter”. LOL!

CanIHazWant a good laugh? We just got word that Ella, Rick the Con Man’s accomplice, is a righter writer. Here’s an example, from the classic, Diary of a Depressed Mail Order Bride:

My name is Layna.
I am 28 year old bride from little country in Europe.
I come to America for better life and marry 45 year old man I meet on internet.
I leave sick mother and little sister in my country.
But I not have better life in America;
I have depression and not have money.
This is my story.

Sounds charming, doesn’t it?

The best part of this new farce of a business? First, her bio:

Ella Roberts is an author, blogger and television host in Las Vegas. She is originally from South Africa where her ancestry roots are based firmly in the Zulu Tribe.

Let’s see. . .hasn’t been a “television host” for, well, since she and ConManRicky were kicked off the air well over a year ago. Blogger? Not since July 2013 with her riveting posts about mosquitoes and perfection. (BTW Ella, turn off the BOLD! Good God.) Zulu Tribe? I expect the Zulu Tribe is quite proud of Ella’s firmly planted roots.

Next is the tagline, found on their website:

Souring Fiction for Woman by Woman

Freudian slip, table for two. Might be a good idea to not rely exclusively on the spell-checker, Ella. I’d say Ella writes as well as she and Ricky pay their bills. . .that is to say, not at all.