Senninger/Singer/Wright is Exposed by Mainstream Press

george_knapp_Investigates-001Here in Las Vegas, like in many other larger cities, there are investigative reporters attached to a few of the local television stations.  Among the most respect (or feared, depending on your viewpoint) is George Knapp, Chief Investigate Reporter for 8 News Now, the local CBS station.

George also writes for Las Vegas CityLife, one of several well-read weeklies here in town.  On September 5th, Knapp exposed Rick Singer (Richard Senninger) with an article titles, TV host’s past catches up with him.

From the article:

The full story of Singer/Senninger/Lester/Wright/Vegas’ exploits could fill a book. Suffice to say, he was taken off the air in Florida after numerous stories of financial improprieties arose, including allegations that Rick failed to pay employees and vendors, bounced checks, committed outright larceny. At about the same time, he was arrested under a warrant from Michigan, where he was wanted for failure to pay child support. Some might say the crimes are not that heinous, but if you read comments posted online by people who claim they were victimized by Singer — lives ruined, homes lost, bank accounts fleeced — it paints a very grim picture.

[Full Article can be found here.]